We are Travel Designers : we taylor custom experiences, totally unique trips for independent travelers who just want to enjoy their destination their way.
What you get from us is a Travel Mood Board, a plan-to-go that lays out curated choices for the perfect trip for your depending on your style, your preferences, your mood. And you get total control over the reservation process, thanks to the Travel Booking Kit we'll build for you. 
We are here to ease your life, so you can focus on enjoying your time-off, and not be bothered and stressed with all the research of the preparation. We're here to help ! 


You are too busy / not inspired

Busco clients are busy demanding professional with no time to loose. They hold management or executive positions in corporate firms, they spend their days in meetings, in open spaces or in business trips. Once they're back home, they need to stay away from their computer and spend quality time with they loved ones, or enjoy a nice meal with friends, or play some sports. They don't want to spend hours browsing web pages, compare, look at the reviews, read articles... They need to be understood and assisted, in line with their lifestyle


Works also if you are too lazy...holidays are great, but somehow the process of booking a holiday has been sidelined and can now seem like a chore!

You don't like ready made packages 

We get that, nobody wants restriction and limited options to browse from in a paper brochure on on a classic travel website. We always says that our definition of luxury is to have choice... At Busco, we research, explore, we analyse your preference to propose your the best choice, tailored fro that particular week-end, that particular holiday you want to enjoy. This is why designers are for ! Nothing off-the-shelves, nothing bland

Let's be clear: this isn’t your grandmother’s travel agency, and we don’t believe in packaged trips, tour groups or percent-based commissions. We aren’t salespeople, we are travel designers.

You like to be in charge

We get that too, and that is why we work for you. Busco's revenue come from our clients. It means that the hotels we will recommend, the transportation mode we will suggest, the activities we will propose, are suggested by your preferences and your lifestyle only, and not by commissions and incentives.

But above all, we deliver you an independent plan. You remain entirely in charge of booking yourself , on the website of your choice, at your pace. We will make suggestions, but the decision and actions are with you. We noted that some of our clients prefer this way, so that they feel they were actors of their organisation, you know, for this nice romantic gateway for their wife's birthday for example ? We get that too !

Of course, you can always continue your easy travel preparation journey with us, and outsource to us the bookings and confirmations, so you can have a totally relaxing experience. But again that is your choice. 

Busco, Latitudes Studio and La Travellerie are trading names of Busco Travel Designs Ltd, registered in the United Kingdom under the number 11560179 to the Companies house.

Holidays are sold by Busco Travel Designs Ltd as an  Inteletravel Independant Travel Agent, certified ABTA P7384 
Please see our booking conditions for more information. 

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